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In difficult times it becomes even more important to build a culture of innovation.

The biggest challenge today isn’t knowing innovation is important, its knowing how to build an organization that is innovative.

Dr. David Ricketts is an Innovation Fellow at Harvard University and has taught innovation at the world’s top universities. He’s also worked alongside top corporations like MasterCard, Disney, Ford, and more to assist them in driving success through innovation.

In an effort to help organizations conquer the hugely difficult task of creating a culture of innovation, Dr. Ricketts is offering his Culture of Innovation Masterclass to leading organizations who really want change and innovation in their organizations. 

This Masterclass is for executives and innovators at all levels who are looking to understand innovation and learn specific tools to help develop a culture of innovation. 

Virtual Training for Your Entire Organization

This virtual training consists of a 45-60 minute lecture on how organizations can build a culture of innovation. It will be followed by up to 30 minutes of Q&A for training attendees.

To qualify for participation, organizations must bring a minimum of 30 employees from their organization to the Masterclass. 

What Your Organization and Team Will Learn in the Innovation Masterclass

The masterclass works with your leading innovators and managers to teach them the mindset and skillset of leading innovators. It also works with your leading technical and non-technical employees who are at the forefront of solving problems for your customers. This course combines the best practices of problems solving and creativity using extensive material from engineering, industrial design, and the arts.

Your team will take away:

Is Your Organization Ready to Build a Culture of Innovation?

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