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It was such an honor being able to share my message and expertise on innovation to your group!

To help you continue to accelerate the innovator within you, I’m sharing a portion of my Innovation Masterclass with you.

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Register to attend this unique livestream Innovation Executive Lecture Series where Dr. David S. Ricketts takes the best insights from his Harvard Innovation Course and shares them with you. 

This bi-weekly virtual series, streamed live on Zoom, Youtube, and Facebook, is free to attend and covers a variety of topics that organizations need to drive succes through innovation.

Check Out My Innovation Masterclass

Dr. David Ricketts - Innovation Masterclass
This intense Innovation Masterclass is taught at your organization and covers the essentials of the innovation course taught by Dr. Ricketts at Harvard University. Tailored to management teams and innovators at all levels who are looking to understand innovation and learn specific tools to grow innovation in their organizations and careers.