On-site, Executive Education Style Masterclasses Customized for Your Organization

This intense Innovation Masterclass covers the essentials of the innovation course taught by Dr. Ricketts at Harvard University. Tailored to management teams and innovators at all levels who are looking to understand innovation and learn specific tools to grow innovation in their organizations and careers.

In this interactive Innovation Masterclass, you will engage with your peers on understanding how innovation arises and how to harness your skills and creativity to accelerate innovation in both your organization and your career. You will learn a strategic framework for innovation and how innovation can occur and scale in your organization. In particular, the role of insight, creativity and value opportunities will be discussed, as well as specific innovation and creativity tools. Attendees should be prepared to have fun and change the way you think!

We bring this customized executive style Masterclass right to your organization!

Corporate training is offered in 2-5 day formats for groups of 5 to 200. Dr. Ricketts will engage with you and your leadership team to develop organization specific content so that the educational experience is relevant to your current challenges.

Dr. David Ricketts - Innovation Masterclass




What You'll Learn in the Innovation Masterclass

This masterclass is based on the Innovation in Science Course taught at Harvard University. 

The masterclass works with your leading innovators and managers to teach them the mindset and skillset of leading innovators. It also works with your leading technical and non-technical employees who are at the forefront of solving problems for your customers. This course combines the best practices of problems solving and creativity using extensive material from engineering, industrial design, and the arts.

Your team will take away:

  • How to discover and develop high-impact problems
  • How to align your core strengths with problem selection
  • How to find the “keystone” problems in your business
  • How to define and frame problems to maximize solution success
  • How to continually create new, creative solutions
  • An ideation framework that consists of two dozen problem solving approaches
  • An understanding of how to select and implement the best problem solving approach for their problem
  • In-depth examples and case studies of several leading problem solving methods
  • Potential solutions from a live-coaching session with your team working on an actual problem

Examples of learning modules:

Module 1: Disruptive Innovation

Trends and Opportunities in Innovation

  • How and why industries and organizations are disrupted.
  • How can you find and develop disruptive ideas and innovations?
  • How successful industries have pivoted to become the disruptors.

Module 2: The Creative Mind (Part 1)

  • Learn what blocks us from being more creative and how we can overcome these hurdles.
  • Team and individual creativity – how to develop and sustain it.

Module 3: The Creative Mind (Part 2)

  • How can your team learn to be more creative and develop truly disruptive ideas?
  • Frameworks for creativity and tools for systemic idea generation.

Module 4: How to Create Innovation Products and Services for Your Citizens

  • Learn how to uncover hidden value for your city.
  • Creating products and services that amaze and surpass your citizens’ expectations.
  • Frameworks for idea development through prototyping.

Ready to elevate the level of innovation at your organization?