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Ideation in Lockdown

How to Drive Creativity While Working Remotely

An Innovation Webinar

Join Dr. David Ricketts, Innovation Expert and Harvard Innovation Fellow, for this 60-minute webinar that shares how organizations can drive creativity in their teams while working remotely.

Joining Dr. Ricketts for this discussion is Shuya Gong, Harvard Design Innovation Fellow and Venture Designer at Ideo. 

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How Do Organizations Drive Creativity in
Remote Work Teams?

Dr. David S. Ricketts and Shuya Gong will share their secrets to being creative during this time of infinite Zoom calls and remote working. Building on his research with corporate executives and leading artists and creatives, Dr. Ricketts will show how creativity works and how you generate new and innovative ideas alone and in your organization.

Ms. Gong, will share her perspective on tools and techniques that you can apply immediately to increase your creativity and ideas while working remotely. Important questions and areas of discovery that will be covered include:

How do we look at the problem differenty?

Learn to Use the Remote World to Your Advantage

Understand How to Communicate Effectively

Ask People to Come with New Ideas

Learn New Ways to Collaborate

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Make Time for Your Team

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