Creativity in Innovation

How to discover and solve high-value problems

How does your organization create? Do you rely on a few individuals who are naturally creative or is creating new ideas and value for your customers a cornerstone of your competitive advantage? Creativity is often spoken about as necessary component of innovation – but how do we create? What are the effective ways that you instill creativity in your organization and how can you help your employees be more creative? Drawing on research in psychology, business and the arts, this keynote presents the key components to the creative process and how they can be incorporated into your organizations every day practice.

In this keynote you will learn:

  • The role of creativity in innovation
  • The three tenets of creativity
  • How to create environments and management that foster creativity
  • How to use creativity to solve complex problems and develop new products
  • How to build creativity into your organization’s every day processes

As an experienced speaker, executive, scientist and researcher, Dr. Ricketts shares his research on innovators and the keys to their success in an easy to understand, inspiring way. His content draws upon scientific and business principles as well as artistic creativity, but relates them to the goals of your organization. Dr. Ricketts is an avid jazz musician and sculpture and has worked extensively with the creative arts. He works with your organization prior to the keynote to understand and customize learning points to enhance the business and organization outcomes for your company.

This keynote is available in a 45 min and 60 min format, as well as a 90 min keynote with extended content about leading creativity.

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