Disruptive Innovation

How to create disruptive innovations and how to keep them from disrupting you!

Why do market leaders fail? How is it that some products seem to come from now where and change the entire market?  How do you find and develop disruptive innovation? How can you make sure one doesn’t disrupt you? Based on Dr. Ricketts research at Harvard University, this keynote uses examples from technology and our everyday lives to help audiences understand and develop disruptive innovations. This keynote will explore how disruptive innovations come about, how you can be the one to create them and how to make sure one doesn’t disrupt you and your organization.

In this keynote you will learn:

  • The three types of disruptive innovation
  • How disruptive innovation can kill the market leader and propel the new entrant to a leadership position.
  • How to find and develop disruptive innovations.
  • Strategy to help your organization make sure they aren’t disrupted.

As an experienced speaker, executive, scientist and researcher, Dr. Ricketts shares his research on innovators and the keys to their success in a easy to understand, inspiring way. His content draws upon scientific and business principles, but relates them to the goals of your organization.  He works with your organization prior to the keynote to understand and customize learning points to enhance the business and organization goals of your company.

This keynote is available in a 45 min and 60 min format, as well as a 90 min interactive session.