How your approach will accelerate your innovation

What separates innovators from the non-innovators? While skills, smarts and luck play a role in your success, how you approach problems can separate you from someone who is a doer to someone who is an innovator. Drawing on rich examples from leading innovators of today and yesterday, this keynote will give you a look inside the mindset of innovators in order to allow you to accelerate your innovation process and become more innovative.

In this keynote you will learn:

  • How continual innovation is required to achieve and maintain leadership in your business and career
  • How understanding and prioritizing value in the problems you work on can make the difference between being a do-er and an innovator
  • How finding problems that match your competitive advantages and personal strengths will lead to more innovative products and services
  • How finding the right problem makes all the difference in the world
  • How the representation of problems can be the difference between accelerated solutions and barriers to your success.

As an experienced speaker, executive, scientist and researcher, Dr. Ricketts shares his research on innovators and the keys to their success in a easy to understand, inspiring way. His content draws upon scientific and business principles, but relates them to the goals of your organization. He works with your organization prior to the keynote to understand and customize learning points to enhance the business and organization goals of your company.

This keynote is available in a 45 min and 60 min format, as well as a 90 min keynote with extended content about leadership or creativity.

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