The most successful companies and leaders in the world understand that innovation is a critical key to growth and building a sustainable business. But not all leaders understand how to accelerate the innovator within themselves. And not all organizations understand how to nurture, inspire and support their teams to be more innovative.

As a Harvard Innovation Fellow,  corporate leader of R&D and scientific researcher, Dr. Ricketts has worked with some of the world’s leading innovators and innovative companies. From colleagues at Harvard trying to cure cancer to students in a dorm room making a better peanut butter jar, Dr. Ricketts researchers the insights and approaches that these leading innovators use and brings it to the stage and his training.

A speaker, scholar, researcher and writer, David is passionate about helping leaders and organizations drive success through innovation. He does this by bringing the same lessons he shares in the Harvard classroom to the stage and inspiring and motivating his audiences to release the innovator within.


“Excellent Masterclass on Innovation with our event partner Western Sydney University. Dr. David Rickets is a leading innovation expert from Harvard and he was outstanding.”

Lindsay Woodland
Executive Director of City Engagement
City of Parramatta, Australia

“Looking forward to putting all those exciting innovation tools to use!”

Elise Green
Principal Consultant, Communications and Engagement
Assent Communications

“An amazing day indeed! Thank you very much for coming out and spending time with us…a brilliant workshop to bring across the necessity of creativity and innovation to lead into the future!”

Madeleine Radnan, PhD
PhD at Western Sydney University

“What a great day of connecting with colleagues and partners and learning from the best on how to break down barriers and solve problems! There was such a good vibe and energy in the room. I can feel this is the start of something big! Thanks to all involve and especially to you, David.”

Jerome Pagitz
Engagement and Improvement Manager
City of Parramatta

“Less than half a day later I was able to put some of the lessons to work consulting with our workforce on how we can improve our safety solutions to improve their experience at work. Very timely indeed!”

Andrew North
Project Leader
City of Canning

"Professor Rickets is a vivid and powerful storyteller who delivers a level of professionalism and preparedness unlike any other. His unique ability to inspire a room moves audiences to listen, learn, engage and act."

Liz Matthews
Executive Director

"Dr. Ricketts innovation sessions are exponentially better than any other I have attended."

David Graham
City of Carlsbad

"It takes something very special to engage, motivate and enthuse every member of the Senior Management Group in Dublin City Council. David Ricketts' Executive Innovation Course did that and a lot more!"

Owen Keegan
City of Dublin



How do today’s organizations stay ahead of the ever-changing world of technological and scientific breakthroughs, which if harnessed correctly could transform the future of their business?

Through his inspiring and informative keynote speeches, Dr. David S. Ricketts helps  leaders understand the role that innovation plays in securing the future of their organization and individual careers. With this knowledge they are able to drive success through innovation that leads to creating changes that help secure future success.

Dr. Ricketts popular keynotes include:

Why do market leaders fail? How is it that some products seem to come from nowhere and change the entire market?  How do you find and develop disruptive innovation? How can you make sure one doesn’t disrupt you? Based on Dr. Ricketts’ research at Harvard University, this keynote uses examples from technology and our everyday lives to help audiences understand and develop disruptive innovations. This keynote will explore how disruptive innovations come about, how you can be the one to create them and how to make sure one doesn’t disrupt you and your organization.

What separates innovators from the non-innovators? While skills, smarts and luck play a role in your success, how you approach problems can separate you from someone who is a doer to someone who is an innovator. Drawing on rich examples from leading innovators, this keynote will give you a look inside their mindset in order to allow you to become more innovative.

How do you engage and accelerate innovation in your organization? The key to acceleration is to provide a catalyst for individuals to find unique and novel problems and solutions in your business that separate you from your competition. Your company has tremendous talent at solving problems in your business,  but do they know how to innovate?  Is your management team leading innovation or are process-gate for operations.  How do you focus your organization on innovation?  Drawing upon almost 20 years of leading teams to develop innovative new products, this keynote provides the key principles to leading innovation in your organization.

How does your organization create? Do you rely on a few individuals who are naturally creative or is creating new ideas and value for your customers a cornerstone of your competitive advantage? Creativity is often spoken about as necessary component of innovation – but how do we create? What are the effective ways that you instill creativity in your organization and how can you help your employees be more creative? Drawing on research in psychology, business and the arts, this keynote presents the key components to the creative process and how they can be incorporated into your organizations every day practice.

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Dr. Rickett’s intense Innovation Masterclass covers the essentials of the innovation course he teaches at Harvard University. The class is tailored for management teams and innovators at all levels who are looking to understand innovation and learn specific tools to grow innovation in their organizations and careers.

In this interactive Innovation Masterclass, attendees engage with their peers on understanding how innovation arises and how to harness their skills and creativity to accelerate innovation in both the organization and their career. Dr. Ricketts teaches attendees a strategic framework for innovation and how innovation can occur and scale in your organization. In particular, the role of insight, creativity and value opportunities are discussed, as well as specific innovation and creativity tools.

This Innovation Masterclass provides organizations and leaders the opportunity to dive deep into understanding innovation and its impact on an organization and career in a fun and interactive way that changes the way you think!

Want to learn more about how you can bring an Innovation Masterclass to your organization?



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