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Register to attend this unique livestream Innovation Executive Masterclass Series where Dr. David S. Ricketts takes the best insights from his Harvard Innovation Course and shares them with you. 

This bi-weekly virtual series will stream live on Zoom, Youtube, and Facebook every other Wednesday at 12pm ET and is free to attend. The lectures will cover a variety of topics that organizations need to drive succes through innovation.

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Virtual Training Designed to Boost Innovation in Your Organization

This bi-weekly innovation lecture series is designed to provide actionable insights that individuals and organizations can implement immediately.  Lecture content is pulled directly from the most sought-after innovation course at Harvard that Dr. Ricketts teaches.

Each lecture is approximately 45 – 60 minutes in length and delivered live via Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook Live. There is time open at the end of each session for participant Q&A.

All participants who subscribe will be provided a schedule of the live lectures and appropriate links for participating. These lectures are free-of-charge, but will not be recorded, so you must attend live to participate. Below is a list of the topics that will be covered along with a brief description.

Disruptive Innovation

What is disruptive innovation and how do you become a disruptor?

Leading Innovation

5 steps to leading the acceleration of innovation in your organization.

Innovation Culture

How highly innovative organizations build and nurture an innovation culture.

Need Finding

How to find high-value problems in your organization.

Problem Framing

How to take rough needs and formulate them into a clear problem statement.


Tools for generating new ideas to solve your problem.


How to explore new ideas using modern digital tools.

Facilitating Creative Problem Solving

How to lead a successful creativity session with your innovation team.

Creative Problem Solving

Understanding the different approaches to solving difficult problems.

Ecosystem Model Canvas

Understanding and planning a successful innovation project.


How to envision and build an organization for tomorrow.

Design Thinking

Interactive case-study for understanding how to use design thinking in your innovation strategy.

About Dr. David S. Ricketts

Harvard Innovation Fellow | Innovation Scholar | Corporate Innovation Change Catalyst

In 2004, David was bestowed with the honor of becoming an Innovation Fellow at Harvard. He now teaches the most highly sought after Innovation Class at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS).

As a scholar, Dr. Ricketts is an award-winning innovator. His scientific research has won numerous awards from top government research agencies and his innovations have been featured extensively in the press. Dr. Ricketts has held appointments at Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and North Carolina State University.

In an effort to help organizations drive success through innovation, Dr. Ricketts travels the globe as a professional speaker and educator to deliver key insights into how individuals and organizations can spark the innovator inside and utilize those skills for future success. He has worked with some of the world’s leading innovative companies, including Mastercard, Dell, General Motors, Disney Research, and the U.S. Military.

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