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the rubber-band principle

The Rubber-Band Principle: Using Value to Create Innovations

The Rubber-Band Principle basically teaches us to discover unseen opportunities for value to create innovations that touch our daily lives The rubber-band principle comes from the story of how Kraft
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Creativity in Innovation

The Key to Creativity in Innovation is Flexible Thinking All of the theories and techniques at how to be more creative have one overriding approach. If you can understand that
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The Role of Innovation in Acceleration

Understanding the Role of Innovation in Business Acceleration Growth in any organization is dependent upon the ability to innovate. Innovative companies boast 10 times higher return on R&D and 2.5
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Case Study in Decision Making: Sullenberger US Flight 1549

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Paradigm Shift vs. Representation Change

Understanding the Difference Between a Paradigm Shift and Representation Change and Why It Matters The term “paradigm shift” has gained popular usage as a call to action for transforming our business
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