Thinking Outside the Box: How Joe Colopy of Bronto Software Blazed a Trail to a $200M Business

think outside the box OG

$10,000, two people and a dream. These were the humble roots of Bronto Software, Inc., an email marketing platform that was developed in 2002 then sold in 2016 to NetSuite for $200 million. According to founder and CEO Joe Colopy, the key to success is a hustle. His journey demonstrates that several of the things […]

5 Essential Elements for Growing a Thriving Tech Business

5 Essential Elements for Growing a Thriving Tech Business Open China

When Rana el Kaliouby realized that her academic research had great commercial potential, she made the tough decision to leave academia and the life she had dreamed of and instead dive into the unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship. At the time, Rana was a student in the computer science Ph.D. program at Cambridge University, and she […]

Rent the Runway Owner Shares 3 Places to Look to Discover and Justify Your Innovative Business Ideas

3 Places to Look to Discover and Justify Your Innovative Business Ideas OG

“Hell will burn over before I work with Rent the Runway.”  That was the response Jennifer Hyman received when she pitched her company to Oscar de la Renta, an award-winning fashion brand known internationally since the 1960s. Like others, the prestigious fashion icon was worried that Rent the Runway would disrupt the entire fashion industry […]

Claytronics: Building Matter from Microscale Robots

Claytronics: Building Matter from Microscale Robots Today, computing engages a user’s senses of sight and hearing through video and audio devices whose effects the user must integrate into his or her mind.  Suppose that electronic media could offer users an active form of original information that would fully integrate sight and sound and add the […]

Magneto-Track Football: 3D Football tracking with Disney Research

Referees may soon have a new way of determining whether a football team has scored a touchdown or gotten a first down. Dr. Ricketts and his colleagues, in collaboration with Disney Research, have developed a system that can track a football in three-dimensional space using low-frequency magnetic fields. >> Read More

Problem Representation

Problem representation relates to the fact that how we see or conceptualize a problem defines how we try to solve it. Solving difficult, high-impact problems requires finding a representation of the problem that is solvable. If you are not able to solve the problem that has been presented to you, the answer may be to […]

Invention vs. Innovation: Understanding the Difference

invention vs. innovation

Invention vs. innovation — Many people mistake invention for innovation or believe that every invention is an innovation, but this is not exactly accurate. The key difference to understand is that invention is about the creation of something new, without regard for value. You can come up with a new idea or product and even […]

The Champagne Principle: How to Turn Your Uniqueness Into a Market Leader

the champagne principle

If you lived somewhere where you made bad wine, would it have occurred to you to make champagne instead? Probably not. But that’s what innovation is: taking sour lemons and inventing lemonade. Consider the real-life history of champagne. Champagne refers to the chalky soil that was very dry and barren. Most people don’t realize that […]

Disruptive Innovation: How It Differs from Keystone Problems

What is the difference between disruptive innovation and solving keystone problems? Keystone problems are the things that must be overcome so that companies who have a nascent technology can actually gain the market through that technology. The rate at which some technologies get better may be faster than what the market needs. Simplicity, convenience, accessibility, […]

The Rubber-Band Principle: Using Value to Create Innovations

the rubber-band principle

The Rubber-Band Principle basically teaches us to discover unseen opportunities for value to create innovations that touch our daily lives The rubber-band principle comes from the story of how Kraft macaroni and cheese originated. James Lewis Kraft, the founder of Kraft Foods, found a salesman in St. Louis who was selling boxes of pasta with […]